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Where we make

The Industrial Plant is located in an area of 40 hectares in the Avay Industrial Park of the City of Villeta. It has the best infrastructure for the production of agricultural defensives and veterinary products.
Production: For the production of agricultural defensives an area of 2000 m² is destined, with high technology machines for the production of excellent quality products.

Deposit: It has two Deposits. One for Raw Material 2000 m² and the other is for storing the Finished Products of 3000 m² surface. The Products are located in a modern rack system, which has 3000 positions for optimal distribution and storage, safeguarding the integrity and quality of them.
Laboratory: It has its own Laboratory, in which the analysis, development and quality control of the products offered to the market is carried out, providing security to the producers, since they go out to the market fulfilling a quality standard.